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A comprehensive approach to media territories:

Television, radio, press, webzines, blogs and podcasts - we invite your brand to all the media spaces that can raise your awareness.

Proximity that gives you a head start

Our exclusive know-how (which we keep confidential) guarantees you optimum visibility. Media relations are inspired by human relations. If you don't talk to, listen to and understand the people you're talking to, your media relations won't be heard.

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Like media relations, influencer relations require a close relationship to ensure that information is shared effectively.

The E-PR are structured around several major themes:

- discovery: studying the influencer's editorial universe to make relevant proposals
- listening: understanding what the influencer wants from a partnership so that we can develop a mutually beneficial arrangement.
- monitoring: observing and taking an interest in the effects of a partnership
- shared experience: whenever possible, share brand experiences to strengthen our relationship.

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Creating emotion around a brand by focusing on the human element is in our DNA.
Our natural proximity to our media contacts and influencers enables us to bring together exclusive communities of journalists and opinion leaders around original brand experiences.

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Our approach to media relations and e-PR is complemented by expertise in social media.
91%* of internet users look for information on the internet before making a purchase.
It has therefore become essential for brands to establish a presence on social networks in order to develop, unite their customer base and extend their visibility.

At EPIC, our data-centred approach to social networking guarantees maximum results.
We create tailor-made Social Media strategies, including Brand Content, E-reputation, Influence, Community Management and Social Ads.
Combining media relations with the power of social networks enables us to generate creative strategies that are both impactful and innovative.

* Source: Médiamétrie and Ifop

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We manage your media buying by optimizing your budget in the media most in tune with your targets.

Would you like to partner a sporting event?
EPIC advises, negotiates and activates your visibility at key events.

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