“Our added value: quality management of close relationships with media representatives and key influencers for more effective dissemination of information.”

Drawing on his experience in sports and sportswear, Frédéric Picchiarini founded Epic in 2013.

Epic is what happens when professional dedication and personal investment collide to forge a passionate approach to customer relations.

This epic drive is something Frédéric Picchiarini strives to share with the agency’s partners and associates, all of whom are as big of sports freaks as he is. His Paris-based public relations agency is driven by a common passion: a passion for brands, their products, their values, their consumer bases and their challenges. At Epic, we love “our brands” because we are their #1 fan – that’s what makes our communal story possible. Our attachment to your brand and its products is the result of our unlimited personal commitment to our work.

Our goal is to become one with our brands – to stay sensitive to their ambitions, their needs, their obstacles and their desires. That’s what gives momentum to a credible, ambitious and mutually effective partnership.

Passion, teamwork, performance: these are the values that Epic guarantees the brands it represents.

All in one

Our expertise

Our first asset is that we deal directly with all key players: journalists, opinion leaders, experts, acquaintances, consumers, industry professionals, bloggers…

Our second asset is our mindset: PASSIONATE.
The passions that drive us (running, cycling, boardsports, motorcycling…) all share one thing in common: high emotion.

This unifying drive can be found in the world’s largest playing fields, where amateur and elite athletes come together to enjoy running, triathlons, cycling, boardsports, outdoor sports and more. It can even be found on the streets of major cities, where style and attitude also count.

  • a solid network of partners
  • credibility from experience
  • a portfolio of like-minded brands
  • innovation
  • constantly renewed approach

Reaching out to the communities of each brand with an effective story and targeted communication strategies – that’s our core specialty.

Our motto is: relating stories and emotions to the public in order to impart your brand’s value.

Building and activating partnerships

We handle all aspects of sponsoring and brand integration:

  • evaluating and organizing sponsorship activities
  • strategic planning
  • negotiating rights
  • creating brand content
  • developing partnership activation programs
  • engaging target communities
20km race in Paris with TomTom

Notre environnement de travail

« Les passions sont les seuls orateurs
qui persuadent toujours »

François de la Rochefoucauld Agence Epic Relations Presse