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Notoriety consulting

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Passion is our driving force.

The press agency, located in Paris in the Batignolles district, is first and foremost mobilized by passion: for the brand, for its products, for its values, for its audiences and for its challenges. It is because EPIC loves "its" brands, because it is their main ambassador, that the story can be written together over time.

Proximity and expertise, our two founding pillars.

With its experience in the field of sports, urban mobility and lifestyle, EPIC is much more than a press relations agency, it has become your partner in brand awareness. Its ambition is to put the human relationship at the center of daily considerations. Hyperconnected with the influence world and the media, EPIC distinguishes itself by listening to and treating its media contacts in a personalized manner, which makes it a priority in the choice of their collaborations.

Our state of mind, passionate, follow you everywhere:

At Epic, your business is at the center of our thinking.

  • On the world's biggest fields, where mass and elite practices meet: running, triathlon, cycling, sliding, outdoor.

  • In the streets and on our sidewalks, when style must also make a difference.

  • On the roads of our cities, which have changed to accommodate new means of mobility.

Our working environment.

Our agency has a showroom in the heart of the Batignolles district in Paris, your brands are thus staged  by our team for the greatest pleasure of journalists and influencers that we welcome.

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